The iPhone 7

I spent the whole weekend with the new iPhone 7, same like the whole last year I was using the iPhone 6s. It allowed me to judge all the advantages and disadvantages of this phone.

What changed and what has not changed in the iPhone 7?

This year in the Apple’s phone appeared a faster LTE Advanced module, but to be honest, in practice it is difficult for us to feel any difference between a change from 300 Mbps to 450 Mbps. It’s a pity that the NFC chip still serves only to authorize payments by the Apple Pay service, what you still can’t using in so many countries. AirDrop and iMessage are still, limited to Apple’s ecosystem. A pity that this iPhone didn’t appear a year ago instead of the iPhone 6s. To be honest, it is difficult to see many changes between iPhone 6s and 7.

iPhone 7

Most Commented change is the lack of minijack socket.

In place of the traditional jack headphone there is now the new speaker grill. Interestingly, the speaker itself remained in the place where he was before. The new, interesting idea is a second speaker for listening to music and watching a movies, which was placed on the top of the phone – but not on the edge of the case, only in a place of the speaker for the phone calls. Too bad that the lens is still protruding from the phone. The Home button is not a traditional one, now it is a touchpad just like a  pressure-sensitive screen.

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