The best Blender for you

All the blenders we usually associate with a handheld devices, which quickly and easily will blend the sauce or soup right in the pot. Another variation of the devices are a stick blenders, which are equipped with a jug, where you put all the products to cut.


We chose a device that are equipped with the engine that has a power able to deal with something more than just overcooked vegetables or soft fruit cocktail. A good blender should be able to crush the ice or grinding any nuts. Usually the blenders are made of plastic or tempered glass, and may have different capacity. We were looking for any model where a pitcher has more than 1 liter, and the price does not exceed 50 USD.

Severin SM3714

In our opinion this is one of the best blenders you can currently find. Severin has a motor with large power – 600 W. With the two-stage variable speed operation, function ‘pulse’ and knives made with stainless steel – it handles with fruit cocktail, as well as with crushing the ice cubes. The advantage of this device is also a capacious 1.5-liter jug. The cup made of plastic can be easily removed, it has also shaped spout, which allows you to easily pour the contents into a glass. Blender is equipped with a safety switch.

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