Nintendo 3DS

In the new console, we got a bigger screen. Apparently only 0.3″ more, but definitely you can see the difference. The new Nintendo also obtains a much higher screen resolution – 800 x 240 compared to 256 × 192. With the 3D mode, the horizontal resolution is twice less. It’s possible because of a mechanism which creates a stereoscopic image. Every other line is generated for the left and right eye. In this way you can get a 3D effect without special glasses, but only at a suitable distance from the screen.

nintendo 3ds review
Using the slider on the side you can adjust the depth of the image, or completely disable the three-dimensional effect. The producer doesn’t recommend running the 3D options in case of children under 6, because it can damage their eyes. In the settings options, the system can completely disable this feature. At any time from the main menu you can adjust the brightness of the display. The system should reduce the brightness, and during the night turn on the lowest level. It is impossible to play during the shiny day on the sun, even at maximum brightness. The console is designed for home and portable entertainment.

The console is made of high quality materials. Even after few months of using, it still looks like a new product. I didn’t check the strength of the memory card slot as 2GB, I think it should be sufficient even for a few months.

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