Nike Air Max 2017

We just tested the Nike Air Max 2017. The most expensive shoe, which can be found on the Nike’s website. Initially, we were skeptical, but after a while we changed the opinion. We believe in minimalist running that perfectly strengthens leg muscles and allows them to work. By buying these shoes, we had many doubts. First of all – we were simply afraid that we will twist the ankle. The sole of the shoe is fat and high, and the material soft and thin. This structure, apparently seems to be unstable.

nike air max 2017 shoes

So why did we change our opinion?

We totally didn’t feel any discomfort, about which we worried the most. This shoe is stable, and the feet is well stabilized. These shoes are very broad in the midfoot (specifically, from the toes to the center of the foot). Nike Air Max 2017 have a very nice advantage. Great Air Max system makes shoes sensational cushion. Really sensational, and as we have already established, You are also stable. For people with any problems with the hocks they are practically perfect.

When you wear these shoes, you get the feeling that they are ideally suited to your feet. They are comfortable, soft and nice. The only one disadvantage is a very high price, but in our opinion it is worth to spend so much money.

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