Paragona is a professional medical recruitment organization, which provides the best doctors and other medical workers, giving them the opportunity to develop their career in Western Europe and fulfill their dreams. Paragona is able to find unique jobs in the medical service in countries such as Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, France, Denmark. You do not need to worry about your language skills same as your family who probably would like to move with you. This agency adequately takes care of you and your family and will provide professional preparation and service. Paragona will provide for you all needed trainings, where their specialists adequately will prepare you for the job. The most important for Paragona are your medical skills, which today are so highly valued across the Europe. It does not matter to them your background or nationality. While you will be working in a new country you will not be lonely, because Paragona will provide you care and support. Thanks to the development of the European Union, the whole procedure is very simple, so do not hesitate to fulfill your dreams about better life!

Brand’s name: Paragona

Brand’s location: Poland – Romania – Sweden

Brand’s range: Europe

Brands’ top skills: Medical recruiment

Contact:  || info[at] || +48 22 653 66 80 [POLAND]

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