Koko K by Kylie Jenner

Since November 2015 we are able to buy a matte, liquid lipsticks from Kylie Jenner. Last years they are very popular and getting sold really fast. You can buy them only through the Internet, so be careful because of many fake, chinese versions.

The product comes with an attractive box,  we can find there a matte lipstick and the liner of the same color. A consistency of this lipstick is smooth, looks almost like the water, but it doesn’t trickle down from the mouth. The liner is very creamy and pleasantly spread on the lips. The most popular color – Koko K is a dirty pink. Unfortunately, on the pictures the color doesn’t look same like in the reality. In my opinion, this color is perfect for a daily make up.

koko k kylie jenner
After applying the lipstick on the mouth, it dries very quickly into a complete mat. It is very comfortable to wear and you can’t feel it on your lips. In my case, lipstick remains almost the whole day and during the day nothing can destroy it. The exceptions are, of course, an oily substances. You also can have later a little dry lips, but I think most of matte lipsticks works like that. The applicator is exactly the same like in a  standard lipsticks. It is neither too small nor too large. It is very easy to paint the lips, even without lip liner. The applicator takes a lot of product, but it is easy to handle it. You need a small amount of this product to cover your lips with full color.

In my opinion this lipstick is great. It stays very long on the mouth, it is easily applied and comfortable to wear.

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